Grind Athletix is for people who like to sweat.

Typical benefits of Speed Training in a Grind Workout:

  1. Safe, fun & non-intimidating environment
  2. Serious, achievable results
  3. Advanced fitness programs tailored for athletes
  4. Supportive, collaborative and motivated group of peers

If you live in Vancouver and are between the ages of 16-45 and are looking to take your fitness to a new level, then a Grind Workout is for you. Using principles based in speed training, plyometrics and good old fashioned strength conditioning, Grind workouts show results quickly.

A group exercise class at Grind Athletix is much more than a typical bootcamp or crossfit workout; it’s an advanced training program targeting athletes who want to push the limits of fitness.

Speed Training + Strength Components:

These are a list of the type of exercises that are used to build out a Grind workout:

  1. SPEED : focus on fast start, explosive movements and technique
  2. RESISTANCE : lunges, jump-squats, jacks, pushups, sit-ups – all done with a partner apply resistance
  3. CORE : plank, sit-ups, crunches, one-legged hops, push-ups
  4. POWER : boxing, dips, jump-squats
  5. STRENGTH : push-ups, medicine ball, squats
  6. AGILITY : Hop sprints, shuttle runs, scissors, side-steps
  7. FUN : handball, dodgeball, sprint relays

Training Principles

Using principles rooted in speed training and plyometrics and surrounded by a supportive and motivated group of peers, your workout program will push you to achieve fitness results that are guaranteed to change your life.

Each activity progresses at a self-directed pace providing you with complete control over how hard you choose to train. Working out in a group setting provides a foundation of support and motivation that is not matched by personal training or self-motivated workouts; a Grind workout provides a positive & rewarding athletic experience.