• Michael Olajide Jr.
    Michael Olajide Jr.

    “You are being trained by a man who could have been world champ; what more needs to be said?”

    Professional Boxer Ranked #1
    in the world for 5 years

    Current owner of New York’s #1 Boxing Gym

  • William Loftus
    William Loftus

    “Grind Athletix plays an integral part in my prep for training camp. Playing professional football requires athleticism in a number of areas and this class increases my speed, strength, coordination, explosiveness and agility. I would highly recommend this class to anyone training for a sport or just looking to become more athletic in general.”

    Pro Football Player
    10-year CFL Veteran
    2-time Grey Cup Champion

  • Leslie Calder
    Leslie Calder

    “I owe a large part of winning the 2001 World Games to Hadj and Grind Athletix. I’ve recently returned to his classes and felt an increase in strength and speed. The nagging hamstring injury I had for nearly 3 years is gone thanks to his balanced workouts! And I haven’t yet been able to remove the smile off my face at every workout.”

    Captain, Canadian National Ultimate Team,
    World Champs, 2000, 2001 and 2004,
    Considered one of the top players in the world from 2000-2005

  • Ben Scher
    Ben Scher

    “Without Hadj’s guidance and the explosive training at Grind Athletix, I would never have been selected for the Canadian U16 Rugby team. Thank-you, coach!”

  • Rachelle

    “This is not your average boot camp! The Grind class provides a supportive and motivating environment that will drive you to your personal best.

    Whether your goal is to improve your speed and endurance for your sport or enhance your overall fitness, this class will lead you to it.”

  • Corinna

    “Hadj is a natural trainer and a great motivator. He gives me that extra push to achieve ultimate workouts (much harder than I would push without anyone watching!)”

  • Tiffany

    ”Hadj has inspired me to push my limits beyond anything I could have accomplished alone. Every class presents a new challenge and the fun and exciting atmosphere always keeps me motivated. His classes are fast-paced, challenging and fun… the best combination for a great workout!”

  • Jennifer

    ”I have been doing Hadj’s class for 6 years. It is the most consistent I have been with any program. His classes are challenging yet fun and never the same! It’s a great place to be, no matter what level of conditioning you are in — he will take you to the next!”

  • Cristi

    ”Hadj’s Grind reminds me of the workouts I used to do with my provincial soccer team. It is not like other workout “classes”. It’s full of athletic people who want to stay in GREAT shape — and we all come because even though we are getting our butts kicked, deep down, we love it. Plus, he doesn’t play cheesy aerobic-class music!”

  • Maia

    “Had’s workouts have improved my spring, speed and vertical more than any other training regime I’ve tried. But that’s only one dimension to Hadj’s workout – I find the classes have an incredible meditative effect and I enjoy the friendly, social atmosphere.”

  • Angela

    “I would not be in the physical shape that I am in today if it wasn’t for Hadj’s workouts. He’s creative and committed. He keeps it fresh and challenging with no pretense, if you’re willing to do the work you will see the results.”

  • Heather

    ”I’ve been going to Hadj’s class for 10 years. I love it! With Hadj’s expertise and his passion for teaching, it’s structured in such a way that you never do the same workout twice. I always end up challenging myself to do better than the previous class. Committing to the class is not only easy but it’s fun.”

  • Jason

    ”I believe the best workouts are when your limits are tested. This class will do just that. I’ve done my share of workouts and these have been the best i’ve ever had. Plus, the group environment just works for me.

    Knowing that everyone is there to better themselves just inspires me to do the same.”

  • John

    “I used to lift heavy weights in my twenties. However, as the years progressed, the muscle strains and sore joints took longer to heal. That’s when I shifted to Hadj’s Grind workouts 16 years ago. No weights – just natural, athletic movements that have made me feel stronger and more agile.

  • Celina

    “It’s easy to sign up for a new gym pass, but it’s even easier to stop going to the gym.  Hadj’s class is different. It pushes you to step out of your comfort zone through great exercises and positive encouragement, leading you to great results. And that makes you want to back. Since the entire group is on your team, you feed off the motivation from others. This builds your overall confidence.”

  • Stephanie

    “Working out with Hadj and the other members has taken my physical fitness to a new level. Workouts are well planned and target the full body and include strength, speed, and endurance. Hadj is a true professional and is both motivating and supportive to all participants. After playing years of competitive sports, Grind Athletix has become my new challenge.”

  • Alex

    ”I’ve been taking Hadj’s class for over 10 years and have seen dramatic improvements in my fitness, strength and health. The exercises we do in class will hone any athlete’s speed, agility and power. You can’t get the same type of performance gains lifting weights in a gym. The class atmosphere is exciting and supportive. This is the ideal training regiment for the weekend warrior or serious athlete.”

  • Bart

    ”Grind Athletix has given me agility, flexibility and endurance… which in turn allows me to play harder in the outdoors with increased safety and frequency.

    Hadj provides expertise, a contagious passion for fitness, a fun social environment and fantastic scenery. Having been at it for over 10 years, it keeps getting better. The family-like atmosphere keeps growing.”

  • Jenna

    “Since I started working out with Hadj, I have seen tremendous results both mentally and physically. I used to give up easily when the workouts got tough, but I’ve gotten to the point where I squeeze out one more rep. Hadj has changed my view on exercise to the point where I now look forward to each and every class. I am no longer afraid or phased to try anything new or hard. Hadj is always there to push me to do my best. I truly have never felt better!”

  • Kelsey

    “I’ve been active and fit my whole life;  ran 10K’s, played numerous sports, gone to the gym consistently, etc. but I never saw great results. Hadj’s Grind class took me to another level. There is no possible way I can push myself alone the way I’m pushed at this class. That’s what makes the difference for me.

  • Michelle

    ”Hadj’s classes are the most amazing, intense and enjoyable workouts I’ve ever had. Since starting these classes I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my stamina, strength and overall fitness! No class is ever the same, keeping things interesting and of course always challenging.

  • Jamie

    ”After 10 years of doing Hadj’s Grind Athletix, I have seen participants from all walks of life. Professional athletes looking to take their game to the next level; Recreational athletes looking for that extra step on their opponents; People looking to get into better shape or for a change of lifestyle or just looking to get toned for the summer. No matter what the reason for their attendance, they have all gotten amazing results.”

  • Kevin

    “The Grind workout has been the core of my fitness routine for close to two years now and has helped me make great strides in my personal athletic limits. Increased strength, endurance, speed, and agility have all come from Hadj’s classes.

    The positive and supportive atmosphere created by Hadj and the other participants helps to keep everyone motivated and working hard throughout the challenging and varying exercises.”

  • Simon

    “I had eyed Hadj’s class with envy back in his Olympic Gym days. The workouts looked brutal, yet everyone kept coming back week-in and week-out and were having — gasp — “fun”! I finally took my first class 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. His classes combine the correct amount of intensity and changing variety that fit current models of good fitness training. I have to say I have never been as fit as I am now.

  • Darren

    ”Forget the whole concept of bootcamp! I consider myself fortunate because I stumbled into Hadj’s class when training at a gym in Kitsilano. Hadj was actually covering a class for one of the instructors who I later found out used to be one of his students!

    It only took two classes for me to get hooked on Hadj’s teaching style and I can honestly say that I’m addicted to the feeling I get after each and every class. After years of training on my own and wasting time at gyms I can honestly say that I am now in the best shape of my life.”

  • Kevin

    ”Hadj structures his classes in such a way that we find ourselves matched up with people of the same ability and fitness level. We end up challenging and pushing one another. This is ideal for getting positive results. While having been a member for over 10 years, the last 2 have been ones in which I’ve attended consistently and I have been amazed at the reduction in body fat as well as increased speed and agility.

  • Clay

    Hadj Gill is a sincere and dedicated athlete who loves what he does and it shows in every varied session he offers. I love the group dynamic; the support, the challenge, the competition… all of it combined is what a Grind workout is all about.

    Although I’m probably a decade short of being a Grind regular, the quality of these workouts will keep me committed for the long term.”

  • Jamie

    “Hadj is an amazing trainer. He motivates through encouragement and a genuine interest in our well being. He loves what he does and he makes it unique, challenging and fun each and every class. The workout is like no other; some days you will love it, some days you will hate it because of the personal challenge… but you will keep coming back because it makes you feel energized, sore and proud of yourself.

  • Leon

    ”Being a pharmacist, health and exercise is very important to me. I’ve been working out religiously since the 80′s and under Hadj’s direction for the last several years. When you search and find something run by someone who “gets it”, you stick with it, and I’m fully onboard with Hadj’s Grind Workout.

  • Carlos

    “I had a set of requirements a fitness class should meet for me to join it: Every session be as physically challenging as the previous one, a coach that is both a leader and leads by example, a disciplined group devoted to fitness and hard workouts. In other words: high value, no time waste.  Grind Athletix not only met the requirements, but also exceeded my expectations. Hadj loves his work, he aims for excellence at every workout session, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Megan

    “I’m an athlete and a new mom. I’ve been playing ultimate and fast pitch for the past 20 years and have won provincial, national and world titles. I started attending Hadj’s classes a few months after my daughter was born and the progress I felt after just a few sessions was inspiring. I was motivated to continue with the classes and now I feel like my old self again. The group is supportive and friendly, just a great encouraging atmosphere.”

  • Heather

    “Once you get older the body definitely goes through changes. It’s not easy to maintain the same physique and fitness you had as a teenager. Since I’ve been doing Grind classes the results have been amazing. Hadj makes me feel like I am having a personal training session every class as he takes the time to correct my form and pushes me to my full potential. I have friends and family telling me how fit I look and that, to me, is the best compliment I can hear!”

  • Ola

    “Training with Grind Athletix for the last three years has given me the challenge and intensity that I look for in a workout.  Hadj is sincere and friendly and gets to know all of his participants, bringing a family-like atmosphere to the class. He has an undeniable passion for fitness and sport that makes him an expert in his field. As a competitive volleyball athlete who will be entering the CIS league in the fall, I thank Hadj for bringing my fitness to an elite level.

  • Nicola

    “I started with Grind Athletix when a friend invited me to class. Not going to lie – it’s a buttkick, but within a couple of classes I felt that I was a part of the “team”. The class atmosphere is fabulous – and provides what I need to push myself further, and be accountable.  Hadj keeps every class moving well (never a dull moment) by incorporating plyometrics, cardio and endurance training. I can honestly say I am never bored and consistently challenged.

  • Nadia

    “I love Hadj’s classes. He mixes up every session and I look forward to the workouts every week. I have found my new addiction – Grind Athletix! The classes have given me the energy and strength to cope with my three kids on a daily basis. I have found new friends in the classes who encourage me and help me get through the workouts. They never judge or exclude me out of any routine.

  • Tom

    “Given the short amount of time I have due to work and family commitments, going to the gym is really not an option (too time consuming, too expensive, limited results).  Hadj’s regimen is first class. He incorporates new movements and switches the order of exercises to prevent us from adapting to the same routines. It is never boring, there is always continued improvement and I have yet to plateau!

  • Anna

    “I joined Grind Athletix in the summer of 2011 and quickly realized I wouldn’t consider any other group. Hadj creates workouts that are varied, intense and designed so that we can push ourselves to meet and then exceed our limits. Bottom line; work harder than you think you’re capable of and you’ll see the results — physically and mentally.

  • Ben

    “ Hadj’s workouts are never static or boring. He does cardio, plyometrics, strength and games to provide fun, uplifting sessions up to 4 times a week. I have benefited from these sessions not only on the fitness aspect but I found I had less injuries playing Lacrosse. Grind Athletix is not just about working out, its a great group of people that over the years have become very good friends.”