Is a Grind Workout for You?

Do you have fitness goals and personal challenges that push you to stay active? Review this short list of questions to find out if you’re Grind-ready:

  1. I am currently putting a minimum of 4-6 hours each week into physical activity.
  2. I play a competitive sport and am looking to get faster and stronger.
  3. I’m passionate about fitness and am always looking for new challenges.
  4. I always set new fitness goals for myself.
  5. I’m inspired to workout with a group of athletes.
  6. I understand that a hard workout raises my heart rate and minimizes chit-chat (current members love to hang out and have fun – but during workouts they are focused).
  7. I’m not looking for the traditional “bootcamp experience” (where someone is yelling and barking out orders), BUT I love tough, supportive workouts led by a peer.

If you answered “yes” to any two of the questions above, this workout is for you.

“How better to judge pacing than to throw yourself into the mix and feel everyone’s pain and limitations?”

“Too many times personal trainers put their clients through workouts that are too similar and the body gets used to the pacing. What’s really important is to constantly change the exercises and routines so that the body is shocked and challenged each and every time. It’s like climbing a mountain without knowing the peaks. The climber never knows what to expect or how to pace himself.”

“I don’t believe in yelling or humiliating anyone. Having been a professional athlete myself I understand completely what it’s like to push the body to get results and the pain everyone feels. I respect all athletes and know the best way to get results is by encouragement and positive feedback.”

~ Hadj Gill