Vancouver group workouts for athletes.

Better than any crossfit class or bootcamp, Grind routines are challenging and designed for working out as a group. Get tuned up for your next triathlon or road race. Become the best you can be for the Tough Mudder. You will never be bored, and no two workouts are ever the same.

A group fitness class at Grind Athletix is much more than a typical workout program; it’s an advanced workout targeting athletes who want to push their limits in a supportive environment. Come see why working out in a friendly, responsive group of people will help you get stronger, faster and leaner in very little time.

Group Workouts Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver and are between the ages of 16-45 and are looking to take your fitness to a new level, then a Grind Athletix Workout is that next level you’ve been looking for.

This could be you!!

Group Workouts Vancouver

What our athletes say about Grind Athletix:

  • Leslie Calder
    Leslie Calder

    “I owe a large part of winning the 2001 World Games to Hadj and Grind Athletix. I’ve recently returned to his classes and felt an increase in strength and speed. The nagging hamstring injury I had for nearly 3 years is gone thanks to his balanced workouts! And I haven’t yet been able to remove the smile off my face at every workout.”

    Captain, Canadian National Ultimate Team,
    World Champs, 2000, 2001 and 2004,
    Considered one of the top players in the world from 2000-2005

  • Michael Olajide Jr.
    Michael Olajide Jr.

    “You are being trained by a man who could have been world champ; what more needs to be said?”

    Professional Boxer Ranked #1
    in the world for 5 years

    Current owner of New York’s #1 Boxing Gym

  • William Loftus
    William Loftus

    “Grind Athletix plays an integral part in my prep for training camp. Playing professional football requires athleticism in a number of areas and this class increases my speed, strength, coordination, explosiveness and agility. I would highly recommend this class to anyone training for a sport or just looking to become more athletic in general.”

    Pro Football Player
    10-year CFL Veteran
    2-time Grey Cup Champion